Vita Pure offers a variety of intramuscular (IM) shots, each with specific benefits. Our selection includes Biotin, B12, Tri-Immune Boost, MIC Skinny Shot, and Vitamin D injections aimed at addressing deficiencies and improving overall wellness. Each shot is tailored to boost certain health aspects like immune response, metabolism, and vitamin levels. Our medical providers also offer detailed consultations to ensure the treatment matches your individual health needs.​

Our IM Shots Offerings

Vitamin D

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IM injection is a great option for addressing deficiencies.


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Weight loss solution designed to boost metabolism, increase energy and support your weight loss journey.

MIC Skinny Shot

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The ingredients in this injectable can boost your body’s ability to metabolize fat, aiding in weight loss.

Tri-Immune Boost

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This injectable features glutathione, vitamin C, and zinc.


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Adequate levels of B12 can support brain function and improve mental health


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 Biotin deficiencies are known to cause hair loss, irritating skin conditions, and fragile nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a method of administering medication and supplements. It involves injecting a solution directly into muscle tissue.

We commonly administer IM shots in the deltoid (upper arm), vastus lateralis (thigh), and gluteus maximus (buttocks) muscles.

The injection depth depends on the muscle. Our team strives to keep patients comfortable and always informs them of what a treatment entails.

The pain associated with an IM shot will vary from one person to the next. Generally, patients can expect to feel a pinching sensation at the injection site and soreness for a day or more afterward.

IM shots are generally safe. However, people may experience residual bruising or bleeding at the injection site. It is also possible to have an allergic reaction to a supplement or medication, which is why it is important to consult a medical professional before receiving treatment.

The effects of our IM shots will depend on the supplement and the patient. Our team members can help you learn more about what to expect from our IM shot offerings.

How often you receive an IM shot will depend on the supplement or medication. We can work with you to personalize a safe and beneficial schedule for your health.

While it is possible to perform injections at home, leaving this to professionals with the proper training and experience is best for your safety and the shot’s effectiveness.

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We offer private suites, heated blankets, healthy snacks and a professional consult at each visit.

Professional Consultations

We offer face-to-face custom consultations with a medical provider based on your individual needs.

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