Mobile IV Therapy in Richmond, Prince George, and Surrounding Areas.

Mobile IV Therapy in Richmond, VA

Turn to Vita Pure IV for the IV therapies you need to achieve your best health-all at your convenience! If you can’t come to us, let us come to you! Wherever you are, our medical professionals can safely and effectively administer any of our IV and IM therapy offerings.

We specialize in doing single-person visits as well as events like concerts, golf tournaments, corporate events, office parties as well as bachelor/bachelorette parties. Let us accommodate your next event! We serve Richmond, Prince George and the surrounding areas.

Less than 6 clients?
Mobile fee of $300

More than 6 clients?
Mobile fee waived

IV Therapy Richmond VA

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, delivering essential vitamins, minerals, and fluids directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption.

IV therapy replenishes fluids and electrolytes more effectively than oral intake, aiding in hydration and overall well-being.

High doses of vitamin C and other immune-boosting nutrients in IV therapy can strengthen the immune system, helping to prevent illness.

IV therapy can provide a quick energy boost by delivering nutrients like B vitamins and amino acids that support energy production.

IV therapy can accelerate recovery from workouts, jet lag, illness, or dehydration, promoting faster healing and restoration.

Vita Pure IV offers personalized IV therapy formulations tailored to individual needs and health goals.

IV therapy sessions at Vita Pure IV are administered by trained professionals in a comfortable setting, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.

IV therapy can improve cognitive function and mental clarity by providing essential nutrients that support brain health.

Our Mobile IV Therapy Offerings

Just a Splash

View Details $49

Restore fluid balance, hydrate tissues and replenish fluids

High Dose Vitamin C

View Details $349-$549

Increase energy levels, improve immune function, boost antioxidant levels

Myers Cocktail

View Details $199

Natural Immune Support, Supports a Healthy Mood, Cognitive Support, May Reduce Inflammation, Promotes Energy Health, and Supports Bone Health


View Details $175

Rehydrates your body, eases nausea, detoxes your system, restores essential vitamins, reduces inflammation, fights fatigue


View Details $175

Protects against infection, improves healing time, builds up your immune system, reduces duration of illness

Recovery & Performance

View Details $175

Decreases recovery time, enhances performance, replenishes essential nutrients, reduces inflammation


View Details $175

Helps burn fat, restores energy, boosts metabolism, improves performance


View Details $349-$549

Clears brain fog, sharpens memory and concentration, boosts agility and athletic performance


View Details $175

Rehydrates your body, detoxes your system, restores essential vitamins, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, fights fatigue


View Details $175

Supports digestive function, boosts energy production, energy levels and metabolism, aids in converting nutrients into energy, enhances mood and promotes exercise performance


View Details $175

Improve overall brain function, increase memory recall, enhance certain aspects of learning

Inner Beauty 

View Details $175

Fortifies hair, skin and nails, reduces wrinkles, quenches tired skin

How to Get Started with Our Mobile IV Therapy Services

We make working with us simple. If you are interested in mobile IV therapy in Richmond or any of our other service areas, reach out. A helpful team member will gladly discuss your needs and what solutions we offer. Then, we can schedule an appointment that works for your schedule.

Private Luxury Suites

We offer private suites, heated blankets, healthy snacks and a professional consult at each visit.

Professional Consultations

We offer face-to-face custom consultations with a medical provider based on your individual needs.

Feel Good & Look Good

We provide the gift of time and convenience by offering high-quality med spa and wellness services.