Receiving dermal fillers for the first time can be an intimidating experience. At Vita Pure, we prioritize patient education to empower individuals to make informed decisions tailored to their unique needs. Despite being a minor, nonsurgical, and generally painless procedure, the prospect of getting fillers or tox can be daunting for first-timers. To ease this process, we’ve compiled a guide outlining what to anticipate before and after undergoing a filler treatment.

Preparing for Lip Fillers and Injections

To minimize bruising and swelling at the injection site:

One Week Prior to Lip Injections:

  • Avoid blood-thinning over-the-counter medications like aspirin, Motrin, ibuprofen, and Aleve.
  • Avoid supplements such as St. John’s Wort, Gingko biloba, primrose oil, garlic, ginseng, and Vitamin E.

Two Days Prior to Injections:

  • Refrain from using topical products like Tretinoin (Retin-A), Retinol, Retinoids, Glycolic Acid, or any “anti-aging” products.
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or using hair removal cream on the treated area.
  • Begin taking Arnica two days before the procedure to minimize bruising (optional).

24 Hours Prior to Injections:

  • Abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages.

General Recommendations for Lip Fillers:

  • Inform your aesthetic injector if you’ve had facial cold sores, as there is a risk of another outbreak.
  • Avoid dermal fillers if pregnant, breastfeeding, allergic to any ingredients, or suffering from neurological disorders. Clarify any concerns with the medical team before treatment.

The Day of Lip Filler Treatment:

  • Arrive with a clean face, washed and without makeup.
  • Topical anesthetic may be applied for comfort.

After Fillers: The First Hour:

  • Apply an ice pack and Arnica topically to reduce bruising.
  • Use acetaminophen as needed for pain.
  • Avoid itching, massaging, or picking around the injection site.

How to Reduce Swelling After Lip Injections (6 to 10 Hours After Treatment):

  • Avoid intense heat in treated areas (sunbathing, tanning, saunas).
  • Use antihistamines like Zyrtec or Claritin during the day and Benadryl at night to alleviate swelling.
  • Massage areas with visible bumps; firmness will soften with time.
  • Sunscreen and makeup can be applied, and a gentle cleanser can be used.

How to Reduce Bruising After Lip Fillers:

  • Avoid alcohol and strenuous exercise to prevent additional bruising.
  • Use Arnica or Bromelain, consume fresh pineapple, and apply ice to reduce bruising.

Important Lip Filler Aftercare Notes: Contact the office immediately if you experience:

  • Fever and/or chills
  • Discolored blotches in non-injected areas
  • Blanching of injected areas
  • Redness and/or heat in the treated area
  • Severe or increasing pain

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